Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Yes! And here’s why:

Picture this. You’ve spent the last 12 months planning your dream wedding. Late nights after work have been consumed with emailing vendors, researching venues, and delegating tasks among family and friends. Your big day has finally arrived. You wake up on the morning of your wedding, excited for a fun-filled day with the people you love, but there is so much to do!

The stress begins to set in. Who will check in the vendors and tell them where to go? Who is picking up the cake? What time do I need to be ready by? What if the guys aren’t ready on time? Do my bridesmaids know the order to walk down the aisle? And then there’s the reception. Will guests know to go into the reception area for cocktail hour while I’m busy taking pictures? What time should the dancing start?

All of these questions are swirling around in your head and you realize there is no one designated to executing your big day other than you. You are the one getting married! You should be enjoying your wedding day, not hosting a party.

Now, let’s picture this scene again, but with a wedding planner. For the past 12 months, you have been working with your wedding planner to create your dream wedding. She has provided you with a robust list of reputable vendors, accompanied you on venue tours, and helped you break down your budget. She has created your timeline and ceremony lineup to ensure everything goes according to plan. On the morning of your wedding, she checks in on you to make sure you have everything you need, and keeps you on schedule. She makes sure the men have their jackets on and the women have their bouquets in hand before walking down the aisle. She directs the vendors to the appropriate spot at the reception. After your ceremony, she directs guests to the cocktail hour and then assists the photographer in getting all of the family group photos you would like. At the end of the night, she is there helping to clean up, pass out your vendor tips, and make sure your sparkler exit goes off without a hitch.

You wake up the next morning relaxed and with so many memories of your special day. Everyone is talking about how much FUN they had spending time with you at your wedding, none of which could have happened if you were busy passing out desserts, checking the timeline, or reminding the DJ it was time to start the speeches.

Your wedding planner becomes your best friend, wedding coach, advice giver, organizer, and cheerleader. You are investing a lot of money into your wedding day. Don’t forget to invest in yourself that day, too.

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